Sugar paste cartridge "Honey", very soft consistence , 150 g

Sugar paste cartridge "Honey", very soft consistence ,
150 g
ARAVIA Professional
Reference code: E006
  • Volume: 150 g
  • Hair type: all hair types
  • Working temperature: 37°C
  • Hair-removal technique: bandage
  • Consumption: minimum 2 procedures
Professional sugar paste of soft consistency in cartridge is designed for removing of unwanted hair. It is aimed for working on large surfaces. A special cartridge designed specifically for sugaring applies the paste in a thin, smooth layer, allowing to remove hair as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Glucose, fructose, water.
At all stages, in order to obtain a pronounced effect, it is recommended to use Aravia Professional care products. Degrease the skin with lotion or gel. Apply talc to improve adhesion to the hair. Heat the cartridge in a heater to 37 ° C at medium capacity. The paste should spread easily over the skin. Carry out the depilation procedure. Remove paste residues with cosmetic mineralized water. Finish with skin care products such as moisturizing or nourishing cream.