Sugar paste cartridge "Nature", soft consistence , 150 g

Sugar paste cartridge "Nature", soft consistence ,
150 g
ARAVIA Professional
Reference code: E005
  • Volume: 150 g
  • Hair type: hard hair type
  • Working temperature: 37°C
  • Hair-removal technique: Bandage
  • Consumption: minimum 2 procedures
Professional sugar paste of soft consistency in cartridge is designed for removing of unwanted hair. It is aimed for working on large surfaces. A special cartridge designed specifically for sugaring applies the paste in a thin, smooth layer, allowing to remove hair as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Glucose, fructose, water.
Heat the cartridge in a heater to 37 °C at medium capacity. The paste should spread easily over the skin. Carry out the depilation procedure in the direction of hair growth.