Sugar paste "Honey", very soft consistence , 750 g

Sugar paste "Honey", very soft consistence ,
750 g
ARAVIA Professional
Reference code: E003
  • Volume: 750 g
  • Hair type: all hair types (inc. long hair and increased dry skin)
  • Working temperature: 37°C
  • Hair-removal technique: manual, bandage
  • Consumption: minimum 15 procedures
Sugar paste very soft consistence is suitable for bandage depilation and for all of hair types. Especially it’s suitable for working on long hair (8-10 mm) areas, as well as on areas with extremely dry skin. Does not causes dehydration (loss of elasticity, firmness and flaking), but removes only horny scales and hair. Suitable for thinning harder pastes.
Glucose, fructose, water.
Heat the sugar paste to 37-40°C in a can wax dipping pot or microwave without opening the jar. Take the required amount of sugar paste from the jar with a spatula and apply a thin layer on the skin opposite hair growth. Apply a cloth strip and depilate in the direction of hair growth.